Week 4: Preparing for the science fair

To show the possibilities of FDM printing and UltiCasting soft robotics, we have looked for interesting fields in which the possibility for cheap 3D printing could prove valuable. This could be the case in the medical sector, especially with aided movement. Reducing the cost of treatment and support utilities is a goal that inspires us all, and soft robotics could, in the long term, be a big player in this progress.

This is why we have chosen to develop a 3D printed hand exoskeleton. This is in short a glove with soft robotics actuators to help move you fingers, visible in the concept drawing below. Possible applications in a completely developed product could be to assist people with arthritis, local paralysis, limited hand function or as supporting tool in rehabilitation. Our goal is not to create a finished product for next week, but rather to give a proof of concept showing the possibilities of 3D printing for soft robotics.