Recap: Week 3

Good to see you again!

We are still quite unsure whether to call week 3 a success or a failure. Well at least there was some sort of progress. We didn’t quite meet last weeks goals due to some minor set backs including our UltiCast set up exploding, some burnt plastic and some broken parts. That being said, we are now ready to start UltiCasting again.


As you might have read in some of our earlier posts, we had to redesign the entire UltiCast set up to allow for bigger tubing and wider nozzles. After some cups of coffee and some flexible hours this seems to be about done. In the picture above Max is laying the final hand to the UltiCaster Mk. 2. This one is stylishly equipped with green aquarium tubing and features a new deposition system.


Due to the larger nozzle and tube size we are unable to do the static mixing inside the printer head. That is why we now mix our components before they reach the printer head, then feed them trough using a tube, and deposit them with a changeable nozzle. The advantages of this are the possibility to change nozzle diameter and the allowance of bigger tubing and nozzles. The disadvantages are that we still experience some leaking of silicons from the nozzle and we need to replace more parts after each print.


The script for the UltiCaster is almost finalized to our goal stadium. With huge assistance from our good friend, Robin Sveningson, we have managed to automate the slicing process and thereby generate a g-code containing commands for the fills operations, that can be interpreted by the Marlin firmware on the UltiMainboard. (read more about this in Methods). As soon as the hardware is ready we can start UltiCasting and kick back and relax. Hopefully.


As for the Ninjaflex FDM printing, well just look at that. We’ve never had a print that looks this promising in terms of quality so the settings should be right about perfect. So all that’s left is experimenting with some different geometries to get that real feel finger going.

Our focus now is to get our setup up and running, and prepare something cool for the science fair.

Hope to see you next week!
This article was 3D printed in the IDE Applied Labs Delft