Recap: Week 1

This week our focus was to get up to speed quickly. After learning what our project goals are, we immediately delved into the literature provided by our experts Rob Scharff and Lars Rossing. From this literature we quickly learned the basic principles of Soft Robotics and UltiCasting and were able to apply these on the Ultimakers.


Our first print was a test piece used to determine the accuracy of printing with flexible materials. After this we started printing basic soft actuators with the aim of making them airtight. After some trial and error this proved to be quite challenging due to the still a bit unpredictable behavior of the flexible filaments. Our progress and used settings can be found in the FDM Test Results tab.


For the UltiCast project we are programming a script that can use the provided G-Code to estimate the needed filling volume and deposit location for the casting automatically. This software will be used to drive the casting process. We are also setting up the hardware for the UltiCast process but we still have to receive the actual silicon filaments to start testing. We hope to really kick off the UltiCast project next week.

Stay flexy, stay sexy!

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