The Team


Name: Christoffer Bendtsen

Study: Design and Innovation at Technical University of Denmark

Motivation: Soft Robotics has no need for hard materials and can therefore have a great value in both interaction with humans and brittle materials or surfaces. If this can be combined with the advantages of rapid prototyping, the possibilities within the field will grow even bigger.


Name: Olivier Groot

Study: Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft

Motivation: As printing flexible materials is still a big challenge in the current 3D print field, I thought it would be really interesting to investigate the possibilities of printing flexible materials in totally new ways. For example, the Ulticast method could really decrease printing time, and allow for greater variations in used/casted materials


Name: Max Nobel

Study: Industrial Design Engineering at TUDelft

Motivation: I think that soft robotics has many novel applications. To be able to make soft robotics more accessible cheaper ways to produce them have to be researched.




Name: Luc van den Boogaart

Study: Marine Technology at TUDelft

Motivation: Soft Robotics tackles a new field of automation. I find it exiting to be part of this research while it still is in these early stages.