Week 3: Mid term presentations

Last Tuesday, the midterm presentations were held, in which we presented our progress thus far. Having brought all the prints that we have printed so far, the other advanced prototyping colleagues were given a chance to get a feel for the kind of ‘soft robotics’ we are attempting to develop. At the end of the presentation we were given some valuable questions about the adhesion of two different layers of the casted silicone, in case there was a significant time in between the castings. As we knew the curing time of the silicone is approximately 40 minutes, and therefore adhesion should not be a problem when casting in our setup. The silicon adhesion has been investigated however, and we have concluded that adhesion will not cause problems in the future as the layer adhesion was near perfect with a 40 minutes gap between the subsequent castings.


The difference between two the layers can’t even be seen!

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