Recap: Week 2

Hello flexi-friends!

Week 2 has beenĀ a week of breaking parts, burning capacitors and freezing Ultimakers. In short: Progress. Not only have we been able to bypass multiple “FATAL ERROR”s, as they are called, we have been able to build an actual UltiCasting setup that is ready for extensive testing next week. We are currently still doing small scale tests with water to confirm the setup but we will be able to test the actual resins and start to actually UltiCast.20161014_121045

While the software for the UltiCasting is almost finished and the hardware is being tested as I write this. We’ve also been making strives on the FDM printing project. Our latest prints are almost completely airtight and are already functional. We do experience some issues with the valve fitting and the filament feed that still cause minor problems but today Christmas came early when our supervisor Rob Scharff brought us a care package. 20161014_143445

New valve geometries are already being printed to try out our new goodies as we are planning to set up a new experiment to experiment with different actuator geometries, materials and valve fittings.


Our goals for next week are to set up an experiment to measure the effectiveness of all our different tried methods and to start UltiCasting. We are ready, the silicons are ready, and our UltiCaster is almost there.

See you next week!
Ulti-broad-Casted from: IDE Applied Labs